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London Screenings 2019 Film Entry

The London Screenings is an export initiative and not a film market or festival. It prioritises the showcasing of UK films and up to five foreign films to international buyers and selected film festival directors/programmers only.

Please navigate the tabs above to submit your title(s) via our film entry and pre-sales forms.

The Film Entry Form is for Showcase, Invite only and Work in Progress screenings:

Film Screening Categories and Terms

Films to be screened will be allocated their category as follows:

Showcase screenings (the main screening strand)
  • A small selection of films in the programme can be UK films represented by foreign Sales Companies.
  • A small selection of films in the programme can be non-UK films represented by UK Sales Companies.
  • The remainder of the films in the programme will be UK films represented by UK Sales Companies.

Invite Only screenings
  • Sales companies may request a closed “invite only” screening. Invitations and the monitoring of buyers’ attendance at these screenings will be managed by the sales company and the responsibility is theirs to allow or not allow entrance.
  • The London Screenings team will have no influence over entry policy and all enquiries will be referred to the Sales Companies.
  • The film title can be included in the Screening Schedule but will not have an individual film page on the private delegate website and event app.

Work In Progress screenings
  • Exclusive material (preview footage, work in progress, selected scenes, mood boards or a promo) of a new, incomplete film. The screening slot is one hour in total.

The Pre-sales form offers you the opportunity to list films available for pre-sale on the London Screenings private website and Event App. This feature is online only and separate from the screening schedule.

Once you have submitted your film entry you will be sent an email with the link to pay for your screening(s) via our Eventbrite page, please ensure you pay as soon as possible and absolutely no later than Friday, 7th June 2019 5pm.

Please read the full terms and conditions before submitting.

All screening titles must be confirmed and submitted by Friday, 31st May 2019.

The London Screenings and Breakthrough strand will take place subject to funding being confirmed. In the event that it does not go ahead all Breakthrough applicants will be notified immediately.