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The Curse of Hobbes House Premiere Premiere

Two Sisters... One Zombie Epidemic


After the death of her Grandmother, Jane Dormant travels to the family’s remote, ancestral family home in the English countryside hoping to receive a large inheritance. When Jane’s estranged half-sister Jennifer arrives at Hobbes House to claim her inheritance, the sisters’ simmering hatred breaks out. But then a violent storm cuts the estate off from the outside world and a wave of blood-thirsty zombies lays siege. Now the sisters will have to work together and fight-back if they are to survive…




Juliane Block


Wolf-Peter Arand, Juliane Block, Mhairi Calvey, Paul Dudbridge

Main Cast

Mhairi Calvey, Waleed Elgadi, Makenna Guyler, Kevin Leslie

Running Time

90 minutes


United Kingdom


Screenbound International Pictures


Alan Byron
+44 (0)7801 215 841

The London Screenings and Breakthrough strand will take place subject to funding being confirmed. In the event that it does not go ahead all Breakthrough applicants will be notified immediately.